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The Clover system is a fully functional portable ultrasound unit.With its extremely lightweight and durable design, easy-to-use functionality and best-in-class image quality, there is no longer a trade-off between performance and weight. With industry-leading technology such as Halo™ PW and Auto Doppler Positioning.


Holo™ Plaform uses advances in ultra-fast processing speeds, allowing it to handle up to 5,000 frames per image per second with its next-generation 64-beam image. The Holo™ platform is the foundation for innovative new technologies seen in Clover, such as wiNeedle and HoloTM PW.


Halo™ PW

3 separate PW image positions in frozen state and in real time. This is an essential tool in the evaluation of vascular pathology. The effects of plaque on the vessel can be accurately measured within the same cardiac cycle by placing the PW sample on either side of a plaque and comparing the velocity changes in real time across the vessel.


The Clover will automatically find the blood vessels and automatically optimize the color mode for the ROI position, direction angle, gate size, PW direction angle and correction angle, which gives the user greater confidence and saves time.

Versatile application

Advanced imaging technologies ensure every quality exam.


Technical specifications:

• 15-inch LED industrial monitor

• Dual probe ports

• Adjustable height

• Durable magnesium alloy housing

•Main unit with battery weighing 4.9 kg

• Large size basket

HALO-Ultrasound Unit

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