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Innovative design

Foldable structure less than

80cm high, with 4 trans obliques

Ducer ports, more than 3 hours of battery

at scan time, along with

many other innovative features.

These design elements

innovators will help increase

greatly convenience.


Smart Workflow

Dedicated to improving the efficiency of

scanning, Danus 10 has provided

a creative workflow, such as fIntelligent,

fCustom and various automatic calculations.


Ultimate mobility

Its compact design is more than you imagine. It can be folded to a minimum height of 80cm and easily transported in SUVs and MPVs for everyday use.


21.5 inches high definition

LCD monitor with tilt adjustment

10.4-inch sensitive touch screen

It can be easily adjusted and folded.


The cushioned folding system allows the monitor arm to be folded gently and prevents damage to the screen.


To charge any device that supports wireless charging.

Electromagnetic unlock

Electromagnetic unlocking system adjustable in height with a single key.


The multi-account management system with one-key fingerprint login allows users to switch accounts easily and meets custom configuration needs.

4 oblique transducer ports

4 oblique transducer ports on the front allow users to easily connect and disconnect transducers.

Mega battery

The long-lasting battery allows up to more than 3 hours of continuous ultrasound scanning.

Ultrasound - DANUS10

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