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Composition details: Aneroid sphygmomanometer. ophthalmoscope, infrared ear thermometer, electronic thermometer, storage box, wall-mounted power supply.

Wall Diagnostic Set

  • ophthalmoscope

    • Light and easy to use
    • 28 different diopter lenses
    • range from -250 to +400
    • Micro diaphragm. Small diaphragm, large diaphragm, Reticle.
    • Cobalt blue,
    • pinhole cleft
    • Cross Linear Polarizer / Red free / light filter


    • Pure white fiber optic light designed to
    • Maximum Knob Structured View Through de speculum
    • Minimum non-reflective designed lightto give maximum illumination Focused Area
    • Disposable Speculum 2.7mm: 4.2mm
    • Tympanic membrane test performed via built-in pneumatic valve

    infrared ear thermometer

    • Mercury free, passive infrared receiver, no radiation
    • large LCD screen
    • Measurement: put on the ear, and measure accurately
    • Measurement time: 2 ses ± I ses

    aneroid sphygmomanometer

    • Environmentally friendly without
    • mercury
    • Double scale for dial plate
    • The marking plate with the
    • 15cm diameter, which can display blood pressure; what's more

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