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The mattress is made of memory foam, acid and high temperature resistance and easy cleaning. Double layer table is suitable for X-ray examination when operating.
The leg board can be abducted 180o, folded 90o and separated.

The adjustment of the wheels, the adjustment of the height of the table, forward. tilting left and right, rear board folded are all controlled by linear motor. It is convenient and safe. Accessories, guide rail, base shell and column shell are all made of stainless steel. The table is equipped with automatic loading device; It can keep the table being used when the emergency power is off. Tabletop uses electric vertical translation and adopts imported track, sliding at least 350mm, compatible with C-arc.


•Length: 2050 mm •Width: 540 mm

•Adjustable height range: 760-1060mm, 710-960mm

•Reverse Trendelenburg / Trendelenburg: +25o / -25o

•Lateral tilt: + 20o / -20o

•Folding headrest angled up/down: +45o/-80o

•Backboard flip up: + 75o

•Fold Down Leg Board3 / Angle Out: +15o / -90o / 90o

•Renal bridge elevation: 120 mm

•Table slide: 350 mm

•Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz / 110 V, 60 Hz

•Standard configuration: built-in battery

•Dual control system: manual remote control, control panel on the side of the column

•Lateral tilt: + 20o / -20o


Surgery table (op. orthopedic extension)

  • 6 months warranty

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