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Environment designed for premature babies:

• Double wall and air curtain maintain constant temperature control in the hood and help baby maintain

Their temperature.

• Low operating noise and the noise-making part is designed to make only minimal noise to ensure a

silent environment.

• Integrated x-ray tray and scale minimize the need for the premature baby to leave the incubator

for additional care.


Convenience designed for medical staff:

• Lifting support adjusts mattress height to the optimized height for each staff

• The 6 large doors on each side of the hood allow the premature baby to be accessible at all

the directions.

• The CCD camera shows the baby's condition on an additional screen even if the incubator is covered.

Even video can be displayed on mobile phone or PC simultaneously via one connection


• Multilingual support helps staff operate the incubator correctly with instruction in their

own languages.

• Large basket with enough interior space to store everything necessary to care for the baby.


• Two-skin temperature measures both belly and peripheral temperatures.

Neonatal Incubator

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