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1WS-001-001Scalpel No. 4
1WS-002-006Scalpel No. 3
4WS-022-082Metzenbaum Scissors, 8-Inch
1WS-057-011Tissue forceps without teeth, 4 or inches
1WS-057-013Toothless tissue forceps, 5 or 5.8 inches
1WS-057-015Tissue forceps without teeth, 6 or inches
1WS-061-002Tissue forceps with teeth, 4 or inches
1WS-061-004Tissue forceps with teeth, 5 or 5.8 inches
1WS-061-006Tissue forceps with teeth, 6 or inches
5WS-076-003Forcep Halsted Mosquito Straight, 12cm
5WS-076-005Halsted Curved Mosquito Forceps, 12cm
5WS-083-095Straight Rochester-Pean hemostat, 6 . inches
twoWS-083-097Rochester-Pean hemostat straight, 8-inch
twoWS-083-103Rochester-Pean hemostat curved, 6 . inches
1WS-083-105Rochester-Pean hemostat curved, 8 in.
5WS-091-003Forcep Mixer (right angle), 7 . inches 7.6 inches
twoWS-103-108Straight Foerster pliers, 9 inches or 10 inches
twoWS-103-114Foerster Curved Forceps, 9 inches or 10 inches
1WS-118-012Crile Wood Needle Holder, 9-Inch 6-Inch
1WS-119-028Mayo Hegar Needle Holder, 8-Inch
1WS-293-034Farabeuf Baby Retractor, 4-3 inches
twoWS-293-035Farabeuf Retractor, 6 inches
twoWS-313-002AAllis Forcep with 3x4, 5 or 6.0 inch teeth
twoWS-313-003Forcep Allis with teeth 5x6, 6 inches
twoWS-330-040Retractor Strap, 1 . inches x 13 inches
twoWS-330-042Retraction tape, 2 x 13 inches
1WS-330-045Haberer Adult Retractor, 3" x 12"
1HW-034-12Container with lid and handles made of surgical stainless steel 304 2B

Major surgery tray

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